Hello Apples, Welcome Fall!

Red apple

For next week we will have some exciting new North Carolina apples varieties from Deal Orchards!

Deal Orchards is located just outside of Taylorsville, North Carolina in the foothills of the Brushy Mountains. The Orchard has been operated by the Deal family for three generations. They started in 1939, when Brack Deal and his wife Thelma Isabelle planted their first fruit trees. The Deals started with just 15 acres of orchard, but have grown over the years to over 100. Today, the orchard is run by Bracke and Isabelle’s son Lindsay and his son Alan, who oversee orchard operations along with their family.

Available from the Deal’s we expect:

Rome Beauty Apples: Rome Beauties are a great all-around apple. They are very crunchy, and have nice firm skins, which enhance the crunch. They keep very well, and are great for fresh eating, but aren’t overly sweet, making them a good choice for baking as well.

Golden Delicious Apples: Golden Delicious apples have a nice yellow/gold color that is good for both fresh eating as well as cooking. Its flavor is sweet and the flesh tends to be on the softer side, typically used in fresh eating over baking.

Jonagold Apples: Jonagolds were developed as a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples. They are a crisp apple with a sweet flavor, but a lot of acidity keeps them from tasting overly sweet. They are good for both fresh eating and baking.

Fuji Apples: A newer variety of apple originating from Japan. They are attractive, crisp, juicy apples, with a refreshing and sweet flavor. Fuji are widely grown and available early and late in the season. The later season variety is considered juicier and more flavorful. Fujis are typically a fresh eating apple.

Stayman’s Winesap: Stayman apples were developed in Kansas in the 1860’s, and continue as popular local cultivars today, especially in Appalachian Virginia and North Carolina. They are a very crunchy apple, with firm thick skin. Their skin is often textured, and start with greenish-yellow skin that develops a deep red blush. Their flavor is but tangy, making them a good fresh eating apple, but also great for baking and cooking.

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