Meet Your Driver, Halloween Edition: Michael Lobacz

michael lobaczMeet Michael Lobacz, always smiling and friendly, easily the cheeriest face to see in the warehouse at 6:00 AM as we distribute produce. He is originally from Marietta, GA and moved up to NC to study Music Technology at Elon. He now works at Papa Spud’s because he enjoys, “providing a great service that helps connect local agriculture to the community.” His light-hearted manner and impeccable meat-packing skills make him an easy person to work with; not to mention the blues and funk music he plays to accompany cleaning and packing. When he’s not working, Michael plays lead guitar in a local band called Frank Hurd. They play around North Carolina and surrounding states, check out their website for tour dates and to hear their music.

Halloween is coming this weekend, which happens to be Michael’s favorite holiday. He loves dressing up, scaring people, visiting haunted houses, watching horror movies, the whole experience. “Ever since I was little, my parents would decorate the house and put on a neighborhood Halloween party.  Not only that, but my mom would turn our entire house into something that resembles a haunted nightmare: ghouls, coffins, graveyards, spiderwebs, the whole nine yards.  So as a kid, I got used to the scary nature of the season very quickly and developed a love for Halloween.  It’s stuck with me ever since!” Last week Michael and I had a very in-depth conversation about horror films as we weighed out and bagged green beans to be distributed. He gave me suggestions of horror films I need to see–The Exorcist and Pet Cemetery–and we agreed on the brilliance of The Shining (but, really, who doesn’t love that movie?). So, those of you with your fantastic Halloween decorations, know that you’re probably making Michael’s day when he delivers to your house.


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  1. Thanks Michael! I’m not sure if you’re the only delivery person, but thanks for hiking up four flights of stairs to my apartment door. Much appreciated!!! 🙂

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