Sweet Piquanté Peppers Now Available Fresh in NC


Sweet piquanté peppers were discovered in South Africa in 1993, and were introduced to international markets later that decade. In 2002 they made a their way into US markets, and did so with a splash; they have been a huge hit and a new “it” ingredient in the culinary world. Sweet piquanté peppers are sought after by the best chefs in the country, and most agree they have an awesome flavor that we didn’t know existed until now!

Sweet piquanté peppers are typically available pickled in the US. The pickled peppers can be found in many grocery stores, often under the brand “Peppadew”. However, it is rare to find them fresh in the US, so we are delighted to have them available to us fresh next week from Cloverfield Farm in Timberlake, NC.

The peppers are small and shaped like cherry tomatoes. Their unique flavor is sweet and fruity, with a kick of heat. As fresh peppers, they take very well to grilling or roasting, and are commonly stuffed with cream cheese or goat cheese. They also make a great topping on pizza, sandwiches, or in pasta dishes. Alternatively, you can pickle them yourself, and store them in your refrigerator for weeks. Friends and guests will be highly impressed that you have sweet piquanté peppers just sitting around the kitchen!

This simple dish from The Kitchn Food Blog can be made with roasted, grilled, or pickled sweet piquante peppers. It makes a fantastic appetizer or just delicious snack!

Stuffed Peppadews with Parmesan & Salami


Sweet piquanté peppers
Parmesan cheese
Salami slices

Click here for the full recipe

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