Generations of Turkish Cooking come to the Triangle

Brand new on the order page this week we have Patlican Salatasi, an authentic roasted eggplant salad from Nur’s Kitchen Delights! Patlican Salatasi (Eggplant Salad in Turkish) is a zesty, colorful mix of the best local summer produce available right now– roasted eggplants, colorful bell peppers, red onions, and ripe tomatoes blended with lemon juice and olive oil.

Ilknur Abushakra is the face behind Nur’s Kitchen Delights. Born and raised in Izmir, Turkey, Ilknur grew up watching her mother and both grandmothers in the kitchen. She especially enjoyed watching her grandmother make stuffed grape leaves or open phyllo dough layers with a long, thin rolling pin. Ilknur would always ask to make one or two items so that her grandmother could tell her if she was doing it right. Later, she would sneak back into the kitchen to experiment with what she had learned by trying recipes from cookbooks and magazines! Although Ilknur grew up cooking dishes from her native Turkey, her husband is from Palestine, so she has expanded her cooking to include dishes from Palestine and the rest of the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern region. Ilknur is very detail-oriented and this is reflected in her cooking. She uses only the best, freshest, and all-natural ingredients when possible. Everything she makes is authentic, healthy, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Click here to order the Patlican Salatasi for delivery this week!

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