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We’ve had many Papa Spud’s members request a desire for more and cheaper chicken options for delivery.  Unfortunately, North Carolina has limited poultry processing options for small farmers, so there are very few options for NC chicken outside of large commercialized operations that have very low standards for animal care (those commonly found in the grocery store).  However, we recently linked up with a larger NC based poultry operation, Joyce Farms, that does put high emphasis on animal welfare.  Through them we will have access to more chicken options from small family farms in NC as well as Georgia. We will be offering two new chicken options, the “Naked Chicken” (from Georgia farms), and “Poulet Rouge Fermier” (a French Heritage Breed raised in NC).  We hope to get your feedback on the new options, and will gladly expand out into the areas that people are most interested in.

The Naked Chicken is comparable in price to grocery store chicken, despite higher and more transparent standards for animal welfare by the Naked Chicken option.  However, the Naked Chicken is not raised in NC and is only free roaming in barns without access to the outdoors.  The Poulet Rouge Fermier is a premium chicken option that is pasture-raised on NC farms at animal welfare standards exceeding organic and free-range, but it is more expensive than standard grocery store chicken.  Below are the details on each label:

Naked Chicken:

  • Raised on Georgia Farms
  • No antibiotics, No hormones, No animal byproducts EVER
  • Raised on all vegetable diet
  • Free to roam in barns, never caged

*While the Naked Chicken is free-roaming in barns, and meets organic standards for space allotted per animal and other animal welfare standards, they do not have access to the outdoors, which is a downside to this label.

Naked Chicken Prices (through Papa Spud’s):
– Breasts, boneless skinless:  $6.00 per lb.
– Breast Tenderloins, boneless skinless:  $5.00 per lb.
– Thighs, boneless skinless:  $4.00 per lb.
– Thighs, bone-in:  $3.00 per lb.
– Drumsticks:  $2.50 per lb.

Poulet Rouge Fermier (through Papa Spud’s):

  • Raised on NC farms
  • No antibiotics, No hormones, No animal byproducts EVER
  • Raised on all vegetable diet
  • Heritage breed bird, considered to be one of the best tasting birds in the world
  • Free ranging and independently audited as a Step 4 (pasture-based production) by Global Animal Partnership standards – standards that exceed organic and free-range for animal welfare (

Poulet Rouge Fermier Prices:
– Whole Chicken w/ giblets:  $4.75 per lb.

3 thoughts on “New Chicken Options from Joyce Farms

  1. Great news! Thank you for providing additional chicken options for those concerned about how the animals are treated and lack of hormones/antibiotics etc! I’m very excited about the new options.

  2. Wooo Hoo! I’m excited about the whole bird option of this heritage breed and I’m even more excited that they will be Step 4 in standards. Thanks!

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