Meet Your Driver: Alex Elkins

ace driver selfieIf you’ve ever called the Papa Spud’s office, chances are you’ve spoken to Alex. He’s often answering customer questions, solving quality issues we may have, training new drivers, delivering vegetables, heading up new projects, or any of the other miscellaneous tasks in a given day. Originally from Morganton, NC, Alex has a strong love for nature, bluegrass, and dogs. He grew up in sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains and had a huge garden that his father maintained and with which he and his brother would help. He will be quick to tell you a story about harvesting with his father, stringing beans on the porch with his grandmother, eating food his family grew and mother cooked for dinner every night. They even found a way to use produce that had gone bad: Alex’s mother would dress him and his brother up in their snow suits and let them have rotten tomato fights. So if you’re ever unsure of what to do with rotting produce and your kids have even more energy that usual, maybe try the Elkins method. His connection to food and nature have driven him through his pursuits studying Ecosystems Management at NC State University and now working at Papa Spud’s. His parents’ one stipulation in what he does with his life is that he has to do something to make the world a better place.

Alex has found that working at Papa Spud’s connects his passion for preserving nature and for good, local food in an interesting way. Oftentimes people look at farming and nature preservation as two very different fields, but if you think about the passion and love for the land behind both they begin to come together; they just use different approaches to care for nature. He loves working with and supporting the farmers we source our produce from because they love their land and can share that love with others in the form of food. Hearing Alex speak about the way his childhood connection to his land, his family, and the food they ate together can inspire anyone to pay more attention to where they are buying their produce. He sees the world in such a way that makes everyone’s participation important. Love the food that you eat, love the nature you live in, enjoy some good music and good company, and we can recreate the world we have forgotten. When all else fails, do what Alex does and enjoy some live music, preferably bluegrass, preferably Alison Krauss and Union Station, but they don’t come around too often so a substitute will do.

Blue Ridge Parkway Autumn Sunset over Appalachian Mountains Layers

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