Meet Your Driver–Darryl Johnson

darrylDarryl Johnson, huge fan of Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, a twin, basketball champion, vegetable deliverer. Darryl is originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey and moved down to Raleigh to go to Shaw University. He graduated in 2012 with a degree in videography and journalism and played basketball for Shaw–in 2011 they won the CIAA Championship. He hopes to one day have his own production company and make documentaries that bring to light issues and stories that are not often told.

Since he started working at Papa Spud’s Darryl has found himself even more interested in food; he began noticing different varieties of vegetables and looking them up online to learn more about what they were and how they were different. As a kid his grandmother always made sure he was eating a balanced diet, so he has been aware of and interested in food his whole life. One of his favorite pastimes is fishing, preferably salt water fishing, but any kind will do. I  tend to think of New Jersey as a completely industrial state, but Darryl will be the first to tell you that there is actually quite a bit of undeveloped land. He learned how to clean, gut, and cook fish as a kid and spoke of living near a clam yard where tons of fresh fish and clams were discarded right after they were caught. This only strengthened his appreciation for good, fresh food that has existed since his childhood. “Papa Spud’s produce is just so much better than the grocery store produce,” he went on to discuss working with produce has taught him how dependent we truly are on so many different factors to get high quality produce. We both agreed on how strange it feels to go to the grocery store and get produce that all looks the same and usually has much less flavor than the local, fresh produce we’ve become accustomed to, “I’ve started paying more attention to quality and now I have a higher standard”. I think we all might be more spoiled than we realize with such easy access to delicious vegetables. He enjoys experimenting with different recipes and new kinds of foods—our recent recipe kit of Parmesan Roasted Broccoli has Darryl’s stamp of approval.  When he’s not working or cooking Darryl is a music enthusiast, plays basketball, spends time exploring the great outdoors, and spends time with friends. Maybe one day we’ll all get to see a documentary integrating all of Darryl’s diverse interests. I think knowing that your produce is packed and delivered by people who care and are curious about the food they work with might just make it taste a little bit better. Who knew that basketball-playing, documentary-making, and vegetable-delivering went together so well?

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