You have stumbled upon the very beginning of the Papa Spuds blog from the perspective of a new-to-the-company vegetable deliverer returning from a year-long farming trip. Here you will find a behind-the-scenes look at Papa Spuds: updates on new food-items, stories from the warehouse, storage tips, recipes, local and national food news, random thoughts and musings, etc. Anything you want to read about? Send us an e-mail!

Papa Spuds is a farm to fork delivery service that is focused on connecting you, our customers, to the local farmers. In an area as busy and quickly-developing as the Triangle, it is hard to find good, fresh food from a source you can trust. We want to provide that trustworthy connection for you while simultaneously investing money in and supporting the local economy. We are all about relationships with food, with farmers, with customers, to create a better and more sustainable local food system. In the sustainable food world your dollar is your vote and the most effective way to keep local, fresh food abundant and accessible is to buy and eat local when you can. As interest in farming starts to grow in NC, we want to be able to offer support and a viable market for their products. This is an ever-evolving process, so consider this a formal invitation to join us on our (very delicious) journey.

Thank you so much for your interest and stay tuned for more updates to come! I’ll leave you with a quote from one of the most amazing agrarian writers of our time, Wendell Berry:

“Why should conservationists have a positive interest in… farming? There are lots of reasons, but the plainest is: Conservationists eat.”


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